#flattenthecurve Response 3_Sword

It’s interesting to note the importance of this article despite the date of it being published, which was a little over a month ago on March 10.  It’s been a month after this article was written, and yet the relevance of it is undeniable as it seems the only thing people tweet nowadays is #flattenthecurve, a short three-word phrase that is easy to remember. Barclay even takes advantage of this as when they published the chart they used the term, ”The chart has since gone viral with the help of the hashtag #FlattenTheCurve.” By using terms like “gone viral”, it is clear who the target audience for this article is, people who use the internet, which is a large chunk of the populations. It’s a smart thing too, it’s a short phrase, simple to remember, and the repetition will ensure its remembrance and importance for years down the road. This article simply proves in looking at the small subtle gestures editors and journalists are making in order to reach a bigger audience.