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One story that I really found moving was Dr. Tweedy’s encounter with his patient named Chester. Although the situation was rocky in the beginning, both Dr. Tweedy and Chester’s family came out of it a lot different in the end. But what particularly amazed me was how honest Dr. Tweedy was with himself. He willingly admitted to what he could have done differently in that situation. For example (p. 128) he mentions how he “countered prejudice with prejudice” and his clinical diligence ultimately was shown to impress his colleagues while viewing Chester’s family beneath him. I think that this level of honesty is what makes this such a good book. It’s moments like these when I realize that okay, Dr. Tweedy is human. He has his up and down moments, he achieves in some areas while failing in others. He’s not all about making himself look good as a doctor.
I couldn’t imagine some of the emotions that cut deep for him in the face of discrimination–having to go through those awkward patient encounters he described, being asked if he was in class to fix the light and more, all while working these long and dedicated hours as a doctor, yet it’s seen as “not good enough” cause he’s a black man.
But I respected how much his experience seems to humble him. He recognizes what’s happening around him and uses it to better himself–a realist’s perspective. Referring back to the Chester experience, it shows how much adversity really does build your true character. This was the reason why I could not put this book down.