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Hannah Evans

I really enjoyed reading your post on Black Man in a White Coat; it was incredibly insightful and well-written! The way that you interwove your own personal experiencing working in a substance abuse facility with Tweedy’s story of Leslie was such a unique way to understand what the book was saying at an even deeper level. It was definitely clear that the doctors’ prejudice toward Leslie’s decisions and disorder obstructed them from seeing her as a young mother who lost her child; this prevented them from giving Leslie the full amount of care that they could’ve and lessened the amount of pain they could have alleviated. The patient had just lost her child, and this would undoubtedly cause her anguish for the rest of her life; she needed doctors who would help her when she needed it most, not practitioners who judged her as an immoral, two-dimensional crackhead stereotype and failed to connect with the young woman they were treating. Your own experience in this field and recognition of this unfortunate prevalence in care providers puts even more weight on it; it’s easy to forget that this isn’t just a fictional story in a book but rather a real experience, and your own exposure to similar occurrences shows just how weighty, terrible, and unresolved this issue is. Again, great post!