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    Brittany Swink

    Recitatiff is a short story by Toni Morrison, which challenges our most basic knowledge of race as it relates to racism. Twyla, the narrator, is presented along with another character, Mary, and the two converse throughout the piece which confronts the reader by displaying ambiguous racism. As we read, we do not know if there is racism directed towards the white or the black individuals, ultimately challenging the reader to question the societal construction of racism and race among people. Maggie is a character that has disabilities that reflect the issues within her environment; Maggie cannot speak to defend herself, which is similar to the lack of defense from the children at St. Bonny’s. Roberta and Maggie have a tense relationship due to racial disparities, however, we still do not know the race of either. Morrison did a great job presenting issues such as socioeconomic differences and racial discrimination, while portraying anonymous racism.

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