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    That first day we were all dignified, pretending the other side didn’t exist. The second day there was name calling and finger gestures. But that was about all. People changed signs from time to time, but Roberta never did and neither did I. Actually my sign didn’t make sense without Roberta’s.

    This excerpt struck me as it got me thinking about the current pandemic situation in Georgia. Brian Kemp has started reopening Georgia which has sparked violent protests between those who wish to get back to work and those who wish to assist healthcare professionals in flattening the curve. However, this passage made me realize the importance of considering both sides of these protests and to really put myself in the shoes of those who are unable to work and have a source of income versus those who are struggling in hospitals. This idea became apparent to me when Morrison writes: “Actually my sign didn’t make sense without Roberta’s.” This, to me, shows the importance of having two sides to a protest where one opinion cannot exist without the other. Much of the protests have been centered around creating an “opposition agenda” towards each other’s opinions. Without considering the opposition’s ideas, they themselves would not have a platform to fight for.

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