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    “Black Man in a White Coat” by Dr. Damon Tweedy is such an interesting view of how race influences the healthcare system in America. It is horrible that stereotyping could be the first view a health professional could see a patient as and even more horrible if that bad stereotype is true (like with pregnant teenager being an addict). Dr. Tweedy is very honest about his naivety in the world from growing up middle class and never having a girlfriend. He is very strong to have to go into a workforce that will always be questioning him more just from his skin color. It is like we have discussed earlier in this class, that the medical field needs to change from stereotypes into actually understanding why a patient might do something or why this group of people may seem to have worse health problems. Dr. Tweedy takes a hard look at his own prejudges and realizes that we need to change our system if we want to take out this sad way of looking at people in order to see a real person.

    Brittany Swink

    Hi, Cayley!

    Yes, I totally agree with your statement regarding the changes that need to be made surrounding stereotypes within the healthcare system. I am sure Dr. Tweedy already felt out of place throughout this academic journey while working with his white counterparts, but the lack of professionalism he endured further excluded him from the others. I found it interesting when he spoke in the book about how he was treated differently once his own doctor found out he was also a doctor. It just shows that this immature and ignorant mentality extends through medical school and into professional careers, which is unfortunate for their coworkers and patients. Nice post!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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