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    While reading this novel, I was able to gain a better and deeper understanding of the racial division embedded within the healthcare system. As an outsider looking in, my knowledge of the systematic works in healthcare were never clear to me. Yet because of the historical and current on going racial issues that have continued to plague the nation, it was always apparent that there was a slight different between different racial groups. Dr. Tweedy’s book allowed me to see the extent that these issues exist and the toll they can have. Moreover, I found the overall situation to be quite ironic that Dr. Tweedy is dedicating his life to helping people who he does not know, yet, while attempting to do so he is often criticized and looked down upon. It was really interesting and inspiring to me to see how he was able to take such an emotionally charged and driven experience and create an educative and admirable novel.

    Dr. Tweedy’s ability to talk about his experience in an unwavering, determined and practical manner has really informed me about the behind the scene nature of healthcare. It also was very admirable how he not only included his own experiences along with patients, but he made sure to account for his self-reflection. Having him have this inner struggle and questioning of his mentality in situations, like when he saw the man on the street, made him more human and relatable. It made it seem as if he was falling victim to the same system that was somewhat against him in the beginning. However, his self-reflection allowed him to bounce back and learn valuable lessons that I believe everyone, whether in healthcare or not, should definitely come to realize as well.

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