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An aspect of Tweedy’s book that makes it so unique to me is that the narrative is from a black person’s perspective; this perspective is something that I have not yet found in other readings from doctors’ talking about their experience in medicine. Most of the books from doctors’ perspectives I have read are either by white doctors with the exception of Atul Gawande. Granted, I am sure there may have been cases in Gawande’s career where he has experienced racism, however his experience with racism is completely different than Tweedy’s. Tweedy’s perspective allows the reader to see the negative aspects of cultural competency, as seen through the way the patient Leslie was treated, with the doctor treating her in a less respectfully than other patients, demanding to know if Leslie was using cocaine. Something else that arose from Tweedy’s perspective also brings up a hatred towards those who embodied aspects of the negative stereotypes of the black race, which he mentioned when learning about Tanya’s boyfriend, who abandoned Tanya and her daughter.