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I love your insight on Tweedy’s piece as it is quite interesting to put into perspective. I once did research under a Internal Medicine doctor and a host of Nurse Practitioners and the racial disparity in the workplace is quote disparaging. There was a large tendency to ask minority patients what prescriptions they were taking, if they were abusing any medication or taking any other drugs as well as where their daily activities. I cannot recall one event of asking any other patients these questions. One part of the forum post that really stuck with me is how you found a lack of facilities and work in North Carolina in relation to healthcare services. I have lived in NC my whole life and anytime my mother has had an appointment for thyroid cancer treatment and/or Leukemia testing she has had to either travel to UNC or Duke or travel out of state (with a three day trip to the Mayo Clinic costing $494,000). The medical fields main focus should be demarcated to bettering the lives of patients but with problems like cultural competency as we previously discussed too much time is being allocated to studying diversity, but in all actuality teaching stigma and not enough time is being spent on learning empathy.