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I think Tweedy does an amazing job tying race not only to medical care, but also to medical education. African Americans receive a vastly different quality of medical care in comparison to whites, and this stems from cultural biases as well as structural hurdles. Tweedy conveys multiple times the anxieties that he feels each time in the lecture when he hears that African Americans live at a greater risk for many diseases and conditions. I think that the great disparity in quality medical care necessitates a discussion of structural competency. Many of the students in medical schools were historically, and remain today, largely white. Tweedy mentions being one of approximately six black students in his class at Duke, one which was praised as their most diverse and talented classes yet while anyone can see that clearly that class was dominated by one or two racial groups. The doctors that are subsequently put out into the world then don’t reflect the diversity of the citizens they serve. I think it’s really important that our medical system and its values reflect those of the individuals placing their trust in it, both in racial and ethnic diversity and ideologically