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I loved all the connections you made to other works we’ve read and discussed. I also thought there was a deep connection between the first chapters of the book and the NYT article, “Why America‚Äôs Black Mothers and Babies are in a Life or Death Crisis,” the contrast between Leslie’s outcome and Landrum’s was very stark. Your point about Tweedy’s “chart talk” made me think about the disparity between the over-medicalized language of doctors and the actual symptoms and suffering of their patients, i.e. the “disease” vs. “illness” conversation in Kleinman’s work. I feel like we also see the “sickness” portrayed in the conversation between the nurse and doctor, the former being immediately dismissive and condescending when regarding Leslie because of her substance use. It’s interesting to see how these difficult experiences in his medical education impacted Dr. Tweedy’s growing role as a healer. Although shocked by the system and its inner workings, Tweedy is able to transcend these limitations by harnessing the power of narrative reasoning and structural competency, as you mentioned in your analysis.