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What resonated with me the most from the movie 5B is how nurses are truly heroes of our society. Yes, they save lives. But their work is also considered to be a movement. In this movie, nurses were examples of how we should respond as a society towards all people. They fight for their patients, not just on a health level but also on a social level. What this movie also shows is how nurses are the only one’s who can keep things under control. We’ve learned about issues homosexual people faced (and still do to this day). And I think that a movie like this made it pretty evident that the nurses and doctors were there to not just keep the disease under control/correct it, but also help their patient’s become corrected. What I mean by this is that as they are treating their patients, nurses they are showing them that they’re lives actually do matter. That they do have a place in society. That they are worthy of receiving the care and the help that they need, and deserve. That the nurses job does not stop when a homosexual person enters the room. In this way, our doctors and nurses promote their patient’s state of dignity.
I think it’s also important to note, however, that a nurses job goes beyond the job of a hero. This mainly comes from how nurses care about the relationship that they have with their patients. This relationship comes in many different forms and isn’t limited to the “hero”.
They showed an example of this through the touch/hand holding. What makes this act significant is that, nurses can act like nurses, but they can also act like friends, or family because you typically hold hands with someone you are close to. What the hand holding shows is that these roles aren’t off limits for a nurse. And that the extent of their role truly goes beyond any role.