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“One part that greatly struck me was around the timestamp 29:50, when two men (I believe a congressman and a reporter) brought up wanting to tattoo people with AIDs so people would know to stay away from them. ”

In response to this part: it was really telling of how disconnected and how far removed officials were from this issue. You would think that in times of crisis, people would be more compassionate towards one another and care for one another but we were shown hostility in terms of nurses not willing to do their ~job~ and the lack of funding given. It was like people (esp people in power) were willing to let this disease take the lives of fellow Americans, the very people they were suppose to serve and represent (though the LGBTQ community probably were the opposite of what they personally identified with). I also related that scene with the tattoos with the Holocaust as well as with the branding of cattle. Both instances are dehumanizing.