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The pandemic has definitely slowed down the pace of things around me. I live approximately 6 minutes from Fort Bragg, more specifically near the PX and when it was revealed that 2 cases where found on the base, everything was shut down. The only people allowed on base are essential personnel of a certain rank. Also, any location that is not a gas station, laundromat, post office, pharmacy, or grocery store has had to close as of 5 p.m. yesterday with time restrictions starting on last week, so Fayetteville, especially my side of town, looks deserted. As far as my household goes, my mother is being hit the hardest as she has tried to minimize how much she leaves our home due to her weak immune system but from this recommendation, she has had to rely on my brother and I to go out to pick up prescriptions and she even has an appointment set up for chemoradiation which will be more than likely cancelled. So hopefully, this will settle down and this period of quarantine will be over soon. I hope everyone else is doing okay and please stay safe.