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Grace Sword

I agree with how similar this journal is in relation to the pandemic today, and what the process of a pandemic looks like. I mean, within the first paragraph it starts off with talk of where the plague has been said to infect a city, similar to how at the beginning of the pandemic we were keeping track, and still are, where it spreads and the cases involved in said area. It’s also interesting to think about how technology really also affects the spread of the pandemic because mentioned in the journal, Defoe says, “We had no such thing as printed newspapers in those days to spread rumors and reports of things.” All I can think about is how I keep up with the pandemic through Twitter. If we didn’t have a media platform to use, without social awareness, I can’t even imagine how much worse the pandemic could be. However, I do find it very sad how much we haven’t changed in turning our nose away from the facts, that some people would rather follow, to put in your terms, “fake news” rather than actual scientific facts. You would think after hundreds of years, maybe we would get it right, but I guess not.