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Like Lauren, I was thinking about Dr. Tweedy’s relationship with Adrian and Henry and how he writes about it. Just like when describing his teenage homophobia, Tweedy is so self-reflective and ready to change for the better, both in his private and professional life. When writing about Adrian, wondering if he could’ve done anything else to help him stop smoking, Tweedy thought that maybe he became cynical. He is constantly questioning himself, looking for ways to be a better physician – I find that truly admirable. I think that’s what makes him a great doctor and storyteller – he has so much empathy and is ready to reflect on his actions. The self-reflective moments in the book were my favourite ones. Reading about Tweedy’s own struggles with patients and the emotions he experienced was so helpful in understanding his point of view as a black doctor. I think Dr. Tweedy inspires not only other doctors but all of his readers to self-reflect and be more empathetic. After reading some chapters, I found myself wondering what kind of patient I was during my doctor visits and if (especially as a teenager) I was a difficult patient.