Summer Class?

Hi all,

Hope you are having a fabulous last week of classes (see some of you tomorrow in Zoom). Wanted  to see if anyone would be interested in taking this course with me in summer 2 (which will be all online), called ENGL 149: Multimodal Composition or as I am calling it: “Copywrong: Fan Fiction and the Internet.” The course attributes are LA- Literary Arts and CI- Communication Intensive. If you or someone else would like to take this course, please forward them this email! I have attached a little flier about the class–let me know if you have any questions.

As you might have seen, the university will now allow you to enroll in 9 credits in Summer I and 9 credits in Summer II, without requiring approval from your dean. I believe this is because all courses will be online only and will not meet at specific times. Also, please note that the College of Arts & Sciences will suspend the regular “no pass/fail” Summer School grading policy and will extend the Spring 2020 Emergency Grading Accommodation through the Summer 2020 terms. So it is a great time to take summer classes.

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Author: Grant Glass

English and Comp Literature