Reminder: Zoom Lecture at 1:25pm Today

Hi all,
Looking forward to seeing you today! Here is the lecture link again (it can also be found on the schedule as well):
Here is a breakdown of our plan for this week:
Wednesday’s class: broken into two recordings:
1.) Jane will give a short lecture about the film 5B [20 minutes]
2.) Then we will break for 5 minutes
3.)  Jane and Michele will discuss issues of precarity, ethics, and important societal questions (about what we ask of health care workers) that are raised by the documentary [10 minutes]
4.) Then we will take your questions/comments [10-20 minutes]
Friday’s class: again, will consist of two recordings
1.) Michele will give a 20 minute lecture on epidemics
2.) 5 min. break
3.) Questions & Discussions [10-20]
See you soon!
Your Healing in Ethnography Team

Author: Grant Glass

English and Comp Literature